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DA Engineering Pte Ltd provides waste management and disposal services to different businesses, organizations and corporations in Singapore. We are on a mission of promoting a healthier and greener environment in the country. As such, our company is dedicated not only in facilitating the disposal of waste and garbage but also in recycling some of these materials.

DA Engineering Pte Ltd understands that every client has a specific requirement forwaste collection, disposal and recycling. With this in mind, DA Engineering Pte Ltd has made it a policy to provide customized services to all the customers depending on their varying needs and preferences. We offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions to ensure that our clients will remember us as the only one-stop destination for all their waste management and disposal needs.

DA Engineering Pte Ltd comprises of hardworking individuals who are devoted in providing high customer satisfaction. The employees are well trained in order to guarantee that all our services are exceptional, fast and highly satisfactory. Moreover, our team of professionals is already an expert when it comes to collecting, disposing and recycling wastes or other related materials. At the same time, the processes used by our team in waste management and disposal is completely safe.

We believe that everyone should get the best value for his or her money. This is the reason why we give friendly rates for all our products and services. All existing customers and potential clients can be sure that we do not add hidden costs or unwanted fees. The rates are designed to make it easy for our target market to avail of our special services.

Here at DA Engineering Pte Ltd, we work hard to ensure that everything is made fast and easy. All you need to do is to get in touch with our company representative to discuss about the services that we can offer for your business or company. We can also give quotations to all interested clients or customers. Whatever it is that you are trying to dispose, be it industrial waste or a soil waste, our firm is the right place to go.

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